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PH-Neutral All Purpose Cleaner

AED 15.00

Product Description This multipurpose cleaner imparts a beautiful and fresh fragrance to your living space once you wipe a surface with it. Therefore, not only do you get a sparkling clean and almost germ-free floor with this Frosch cleaner but also a sweet-smelling and fragrant room rid of bad odors. You can clean the ng room or other floor surfac..


Natural Bio Spirit Glass and Multi Surface Cleaner

AED 13.00

Product Description Bio spirit works for effective cleaning of all glass surfaces, mirrors and windows remove grease and dirt easily, and ensures streak-free cleanliness. Features Bio spirit works for effective cleaning of all glass surfaces Grease dissolving, fast-drying alcohol formula leaves glass and hard surfaces spot-free, streak..


Grapefruit Kitchen Cleaner

AED 15.00

Product Description This kitchen cleaner is a powerful grease and dirt remover - ideal for cleaning all kitchen surfaces. The special formula with natural grapefruit extracts is food-safe and removes even stubborn dirt and incrustations. Also ideal for cleaning food preparation areas, oven, grill, and hobs - without any residues. Leaves a plea..

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Frosch Cream Cleaner Lemon

AED 11.00

Product Description Frosch Lemon Cream Cleaner removes stubborn stains with ease while being gentle and pleasant smelling. This scouring cream cleaner works excellently on ceramic, enamel, stainless steel, and glass surfaces, as well as electro and glass-ceramic cooking surfaces. Features Formulated with natural micro-fine marble flour that easily..

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