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Sturdy Disposable Eco-Friendly 100% Biodegradable Kraft Bowls - Pack of50

AED 100.00

Product Description  Disposable Food Containers for to-go food and leftovers storage preserve and serve foods of all varieties. Freezer- and microwave-safe, they endure temperate extremes of -0.4 F to 248 F degrees. Our bowls come with leakproof, vented lids that are snug-fitting and molded for stack-ability in your refrigerator or lunch bag. They ..


Sturdy Disosable Microwave Safe 100% Eco-Friendly Soup Cups - Pack of 50

AED 89.00

Product Description Each cup is produced from high quality durable paperboard, using double PE coating to prevent from leakage. Give you best experience. 100% food grade materials and microwave safe. Using safe biodegradable paper, no harmful to environment. Our disposable soup cup is light-weighted, lighten your excess load on hand.  Feature..


Single Wall Cup. Disposable, 100% Eco-Friendly. Pack of 1000

AED 147.00

2 sizes - 4oz or 8ozThe Single Wall cup is small, but has a lot of options. Use it for your chilled drinks or even your snacks! Great choice for takeout service, fast food restaurants, delivery, catering, street food vendors, outdoor parties, picnics, concession stands, deli etc.4oz disposable hot paper coffee cups. BPA free White colour. Disposabl..


3-Compartment Bagasse Sturdy Disposable Eco-Friendly Bagasse Plates - Pack of 25

AED 18.00

Product Description Made from Renewable Source Of Material. Ultra Stong And water repellent. Greenvale brings you premium quality biodegradable, disposable plates, which are safe for you and environment. These premium disposable plates are made from Sugarcane Bagasse Pulp. These disposable plates are premium in quality, very attractive..

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