Natural Honey - Sider Honey Squeeze - Pure Raw Honey 400g

Natural Honey - Sider Honey Squeeze - Pure Raw Honey 400g

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Product Description

Natural Honey - Sider Honey Squeeze - Pure Raw Honey 400g

Product Description

Get the Taste of Purity with Every Drop of Royal Sider Honey! Every bottle of Al Malaky Royal Sider Honey is made from 100% natural and pure honey. It is a natural sweetener and does not contain added sugar and is free from any additives or preservatives. Rich in minerals and vitamins. Moisturising and purifying the and ski n when added to any natural skin mask. Moisturising and purifying the and hair , when added to any natural hair mask. Reduces symptoms of sinusitis.


  • Brand: Al Malaky Royal
  • Colour: Honey

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