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Viroscan Uv - C Led Based Handheld Sterilizer

AED 600.00

VIROSCAN ( Best Weapon Against COVID 19) Innovative solution to all disinfection problems.Promoting wellness through technology.UV-C light penetrates the shell of the virus, reaches its RNA and changes its structure, rendering it incapable of infecting surfaces and people.VIROSCAN UV spill handheld device creates a focused beam to achieve 99.9% ste..


Wall Mounted Closet Organizer & Tool Mop Broom Holder

AED 128.00

Product Description It is a registered and trademarked sole property of Newtronics and Di Grazia alone. No other seller has been authorised by us to sell our products. Please be aware of fake sellers selling Cheap knock off's of Di Grazia products. Key Features 3-position wall organizer for house-hold tools. Broom organizer wall mount broom organi..

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