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Tools & Home Improvements


Acrylic Display Stand

AED 10.00 AED 35.00

40cm wide with 5 steps. Needs to be assembled. Ideal for storage of cosmetic, stationery and such. ..


Baby A4 Print - Dream Big

AED 19.00 AED 31.00

A4 Size print. Comes in a wooden frame. Ideal for nursery decor. ..


Contactless Brass Keychain

AED 30.00
Made in UAE Exclusive

Our Contactless Brass Keychain is great to avoid unnecessary contact with public door handles or buttons.It is manufactured in the UAE from 100% brass which inherently makes it resistant to bacteria.Easily open door handles at public places like restaurants, office, building entrances and restrooms. You can also use it to press buttons in elevators..

Out Of Stock

Frosch Cream Cleaner Lemon

AED 11.03

Product Description Frosch Lemon Cream Cleaner removes stubborn stains with ease while being gentle and pleasant smelling. This scouring cream cleaner works excellently on ceramic, enamel, stainless steel, and glass surfaces, as well as electro and glass-ceramic cooking surfaces. Features Formulated with natural micro-fine marble flour that easily..


Geepas GAC9576 Floor Air Conditioner

AED 290.00

Product Description Regardless of the time, keep your room new and inviting with the Geepas GAC9576 Air Cooler. This 7L Air Cooler uses the Honeycomb Cooling Technology for productive cooling. You can switch between its Three Wind Modes and Three-Speed Modes to modify the cooling as wanted. Features Water/ice compatible Fan Modes: Normal/Natural/S..


Good baby Mop Holder - 5 Ball Slots 6 Hooks

AED 17.53

Product Description Super easy to install and apply to wide places, such as in the garage, kitchen, laundry, offices even works outdoors or on the shed for your garden tools. It is strong, sturdy, long-lasting, and weatherproof. Features Quality Tool Rack Holds Mops, Brooms, Sports Equipment, and Storage Tool. Keep organized, Get things done faste..


Grapefruit Kitchen Cleaner

AED 14.96

Product Description This kitchen cleaner is a powerful grease and dirt remover - ideal for cleaning all kitchen surfaces. The special formula with natural grapefruit extracts is food-safe and removes even stubborn dirt and incrustations. Also ideal for cleaning food preparation areas, oven, grill, and hobs - without any residues. Leaves a plea..


Kika Home Organization Tear Outs for the Whole Family

AED 65.00 AED 95.00

Product Description Busy parents and families who rely on home binders know how important organization is. By using the pages from Home Organization Tear Outs for the Whole Family, you can keep all of your important information in one safe place, as well as utilize the lists, chore charts, calendars, guidelines, and labels to keep your whole home i..


Leather Extension Strap - Multicolour - Pack of 5

AED 24.99
Made in UAE

Face masks have become an essential part of our day to day lives to protect ourselves and the world around us. Most conventional face masks however cause extreme discomfort behind the ears when used for long periods of time.Our PU leather mask extender straps are real ear savers. Available in a variety of colour choices our mask extender straps hel..


Multifunactional Hooks

AED 30.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION You must be tired of the Clutter in your home.Solve this problem by using the space behind the door.Just hang this Stainless Steel Door hook Organiser and then simply hang your clothes, jeans, umbrellas, jackets, scarfs, bags, keys,towel etc on these Stainless Steel door hooks.The hooks is made of high-quality material and..


Multipurpose Organiser

AED 25.00

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION This is a multipurpose storage system to use in your kitchen cabinets, pantry, or throughout your entire home. The two-tier bin configuration let's you arrange and organize your entire home with ease while the dividers help you to further separate all of your essentials. Made from high-quality materials. KEY FEATURES The bin co..


Natural Bio Spirit Glass and Multi Surface Cleaner

AED 13.13

Product Description Bio spirit works for effective cleaning of all glass surfaces, mirrors and windows remove grease and dirt easily, and ensures streak-free cleanliness. Features Bio spirit works for effective cleaning of all glass surfaces Grease dissolving, fast-drying alcohol formula leaves glass and hard surfaces spot-free, streak..


Onyx & Green 3801 Vinyl Covered Push Pins, Assorted Color Pack of 100

AED 11.00

Product Description Onyx and Green new and improved package of 100 thumb tacks are vinyl covered and come in assorted colors and in a cute storage box that is made from recycled carton box/sleeve, RPET lid, and soy-based ink Features Thumbtacks Vinyl-covered brass Packaging- recycled carton box, soy-based ink..


Onyx & Green 3902 Bamboo Push Pins Pack of 30

AED 22.50

Product Description These brilliant Eco-friendly push pins are a fantastic alternative to regular push pins. Made using natural renewable bamboo, these are biodegradable. The set comes packaged in a recycled box, and the lid is made from PET from plastic water bottles. Features Eco-friendly Made using natural renewable bamboo, These are biodegrada..


PH-Neutral All Purpose Cleaner

AED 15.25

Product Description This multipurpose cleaner imparts a beautiful and fresh fragrance to your living space once you wipe a surface with it. Therefore, not only do you get a sparkling clean and almost germ-free floor with this Frosch cleaner but also a sweet-smelling and fragrant room rid of bad odors. You can clean the ng room or other floor surfac..


Reusable Durable and Expandable Lids, Silicone Covers for Fresh Food & Leftovers - Keep Food Fresh, Stretch for Container, Bowl in Dishwasher

AED 18.00

Reusable Silicone Stretch Lids, Durable Food Storage Covers for Bowls, Fit Different Shapes of Container, Dishwasher & Freezer Safe (Pack of 6). The Silicone Stretch Lid Include Various Sizes, Which Are Compatible For Bowl, Can, Jar, Glassware, Food Saver Covers Safe In Dishwasher, Microwave and Freezer. Totally 6 Pieces Per Set..


Small size Gift Bag

AED 3.00 AED 8.00

Small Size Gift Bag. Made in the UK. Comes with a tag attached to the rope handle. ..


UK Prix Foam Spray - 750ml

AED 10.00

"Spray foam" is also an informal term used to refer to various plastic foam materials that are used in building construction to provide thermal insulation and minimize air infiltration. Polyurethane and polyisocyanurate are two types of foam used in this application.Mice are said to hate the smell of these. Lightly soak some cotton balls in oils fr..


Viroscan Uv - C Led Based Handheld Sterilizer

AED 600.00

VIROSCAN ( Best Weapon Against COVID 19) Innovative solution to all disinfection problems.Promoting wellness through technology.UV-C light penetrates the shell of the virus, reaches its RNA and changes its structure, rendering it incapable of infecting surfaces and people.VIROSCAN UV spill handheld device creates a focused beam to achieve 99.9% ste..


Wall Mounted Closet Organizer & Tool Mop Broom Holder

AED 128.00

Product Description It is a registered and trademarked sole property of Newtronics and Di Grazia alone. No other seller has been authorised by us to sell our products. Please be aware of fake sellers selling Cheap knock off's of Di Grazia products. Key Features 3-position wall organizer for house-hold tools. Broom organizer wall mount broom organi..

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