Hamidi Series 3 Piece Gift Set, Muttar Hamidi 30 GMS + Bakhoor Al Nakhlat 60 GMS + Mukhallat 15 ml CPO

Hamidi Series 3 Piece Gift Set, Muttar Hamidi 30 GMS + Bakhoor Al Nakhlat 60 GMS + Mukhallat 15 ml CPO

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Product Description

Hamidi Series 3 Piece Gift Set, Muttar Hamidi 30 GMS + Bakhoor Al Nakhlat 60 GMS + Mukhallat 15 ml CPO

Product Description

Surprise someone special with this luxury deluxe collection. A gift pack that will raise the bar with your loved ones and at affordable prices. Can overcome tough-smelling odors and leave a lingering, lasting freshness behind. Experience the youthful fragrance of the Chasity Perfume. It has an enthralling smell that makes you feel confident, courageous, and attractive.


  • Add a dash of freshness and fragrance to your surroundings and fabrics with this luxurious air and fabric freshener
  • Chips of agarwood soaked in essential oils
  • Refreshing, relaxing & aromatic, long-lasting fragrance
  • Provide your ambiance with a great calming and fascinating scent of Henna & Rose


  • Brand: HAMIDI
  • Weight: 30 grams + 60 grams
  • Volume (Mukhallat CPO): 15 ml
  • Count: Pack of 3
  • Muattar Hamidi: Top Notes: Saffron, Musky. Middle Notes: Floral, Spicy. Base Notes: Woody
  • Bakhoor Al Nakhlat: Top Notes: Green, Floral Middle Notes: Warm spicy Base Notes: Rose woody
  • Mukhallat CPO: Top Notes: Rose, Middle Notes: Warm Spicy, Base Notes: Musky, Woody

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