The Best Kids Toys For Child Development

The best kids toys for child development

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When it comes to giving gifts to kids, the first thing that usually comes to mind is toys. After all, kids love them! As adults, we often get caught up in giving our kids the latest and greatest toys - the flashing lights, buttons, talking gadgets, and promises of making our kids “smarter.” So much ...

5 Reasons to Shop Online From Local Businesses

5 reasons to shop online from local businesses

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Typically, online shopping involves performing a broad search for the product or products you’re looking for at that moment. You have a need; you perform an online search, and you browse the results to see what best fits that need. But do you consider where the product is made as a deciding factor w...

The Best Unique, Organic Makeup & Skincare Products

The best unique, organic makeup & skincare products

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Going green and organic is a global trend. We’re paying more attention to what we put into our bodies, the sustainability and eco-friendliness of products, and the long-term effects that these all have on our overall health and well-being. So, how should this affect your choices when it comes t...

Top 10 Unique Products - Jokoka’s Best Unique Products

Top 10 unique products - jokoka’s best unique products

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As the new year has begun, we decided to look at our listings with a fresh perspective. And with this new perspective comes a new drive to find the latest and the unique products for you and everyone else worldwide. The new year marks a fresh start in our lives on this planet, and we believe that th...

Best Gifts for Music Lovers form Jokoka’s Handpicks

Best gifts for music lovers form jokoka’s handpicks

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Music is the lifeline of our world. It adds meaning to our lives, and every little note adds more enjoyment to our mundane routines. Many music lovers in this world are fortunate enough to have their lives intertwined with yours since you know all about the new and trending music along with them. So...

Top 10 Appliance to upgrade your Home in 2021

Top 10 appliance to upgrade your home in 2021

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Living in this day and age of technology, we are continually looking to make our lives easier by incorporating new techs in our lives. Believe it or not, our lives are constantly surrounded by smart technology, and this starts from the fundamental beginnings of our mornings. Most of us start our day...

Buy The Most Unique Products of 2020 from Jokoka's Picks

Buy the most unique products of 2020 from jokoka's picks

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There are many unique products out there. Every day, someone or the other is working on something unique that will tickle your fancy and you will just go out and make an impulse purchase. However, many of these things turn out to be pretty useless and you end up regretting the purchase.Well, things ...

The best deals on Unique Friday Sale | Jokoka

The best deals on unique friday sale | jokoka

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Black Friday is nearly upon us, and every company worldwide is offering some discount or the other. Everything you see is on a sale because companies want to capture the audience even before the actual day dawns upon us. That strategy works, and if it does, it hasn't broken. We have adopted the same...

Top 10 Toys for Boys From 3 to 10 Years Old | 2020

Top 10 toys for boys from 3 to 10 years old | 2020

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Buying toys for boys can be quite tedious since boys are quite picky when it comes to toys. Every year, there are new baby toys in the market that catch the fancy of boys around the world. You have to choose cool toys for boys that are with the trends and keep your little baby boy busy for hours on ...

10 Best Baby Toys for 0-2 Years Old Newborn / Toddler in Dubai

10 best baby toys for 0-2 years old newborn / toddler in dubai

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When a baby is born, most of the things you buy include baby formulas and diapers. Every baby needs more attention than the parents can give. This is where the playtime of the babies comes in, and it is the precise reason they need baby toys, which are quite crucial for the babies' or newborns’ cogn...