The Importance Of Baby's Skin Care Routine

The importance of baby's skin care routine

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If you are a newly born parent or expecting a baby soon, then this blog is just the right thing for you! It can get very overwhelming taking care of the new ones. It’ll be better for you and the baby if you do it right. There are so many things that could go wrong in taking care of a newborn. Hence,...

Men’s Grooming: Why & How did it Start Trending?

Men’s grooming: why & how did it start trending?

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There are numerous signs that one comes across that indicate whether a man is in dire need of grooming or not, and this cannot be ignored as this will cost you in the long run. Long gone are the times when men used to borrow grooming products from their girlfriends, wives, and sisters,  such as...

5 Home Decor Items To Elevate Your Home

5 home decor items to elevate your home

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 Are you someone who just moved into a new house that cannot decide on the items that go with the theme or someone bored of how their home looks and wants to change it up a bit? Don’t worry, and you are not the only one. We get these questions multiple times on the internet and would like to pr...

The Skin Concept’s Unique & Handmade Products

The skin concept’s unique & handmade products

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If you are looking for premium quality bath & beauty products that are one of a kind, natural eco-friendly, aesthetic and handmade, then we have the perfect solution to all your needs! The Skin Concept’s products are made using only the best-handpicked ingredients with nourishing and healing qua...

Top 5 Unique Products Of July

Top 5 unique products of july

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Jokoka believes in having the best unique products in UAE and ensuring that our customers stand out from the rest of the pack. This July, Jokoka has seen a rise in sales for certain unique products and would love to share the list to narrow down the correct products that aren't found anywhere else f...

Top Five Unique Products of June 2021

Top five unique products of june 2021

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Who said that shopping is an easy process? It takes time to weigh your options. That process includes price comparison, reliability, and most important of all - exclusivity. After doing this whole marathon to buy a single product, many among us don’t like seeing the product in someone else’s home. T...

Interview with Mr. Hussain Khokha CEO & Founder, Jokoka

Interview with mr. hussain khokha ceo & founder, jokoka

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Tech-enthusiast, globetrotter and an avid art-lover blessed with an eye for ‘uniqueness’. On our first anniversary of Jokoka, we bring you an exclusive interview with Mr Hussain Khokha, CEO and Founder of Jokoka. This rare and exclusive interview will not only acquaint our audience with the conc...

Seven DIY Toys For Kids

Seven diy toys for kids

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Educating your kid is quite a daunting task as it requires your kid’s concentration. To counter this issue, psychologists suggest that it is best to teach your kids in creative ways. That also includes educational and DIY toys. This way, you can teach them the optimum educational content. Also, it s...

Things That New Parents Need To Know

Things that new parents need to know

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So, you are the blessed one who has become parents and has entered the circle of peer parents. We can understand that the past few months have been a roller coaster ride for you indeed. However, this coaster reaches new heights after the birth of a baby. Being parents is a full-time job, where you a...

Quick Tips To Add More Space To Your Studio Apartment

Quick tips to add more space to your studio apartment

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Quick Tips To Add More Space To Your Studio ApartmentIt is not difficult to get living space in UAE. People normally like to live in such a space that is either near to their job or somewhere nearby metro stations. However, many among them prefer to live in studio apartments in UAE. So, they often l...