Interview with Mr. Hussain Khokha CEO & Founder, Jokoka

Interview with mr. hussain khokha ceo & founder, jokoka

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Tech-enthusiast, globetrotter and an avid art-lover blessed with an eye for ‘uniqueness’. On our first anniversary of Jokoka, we bring you an exclusive interview with Mr Hussain Khokha, CEO and Founder of Jokoka. This rare and exclusive interview will not only acquaint our audience with the conc...

Top Five Unique Products of June 2021

Top five unique products of june 2021

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Who said that shopping is an easy process? It takes time to weigh your options. That process includes price comparison, reliability, and most important of all - exclusivity. After doing this whole marathon to buy a single product, many among us don’t like seeing the product in someone else’s home. T...

Seven DIY Toys For Kids

Seven diy toys for kids

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Educating your kid is quite a daunting task as it requires your kid’s concentration. To counter this issue, psychologists suggest that it is best to teach your kids in creative ways. That also includes educational and DIY toys. This way, you can teach them the optimum educational content. Also, it s...

Things That New Parents Need To Know

Things that new parents need to know

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So, you are the blessed one who has become parents and has entered the circle of peer parents. We can understand that the past few months have been a roller coaster ride for you indeed. However, this coaster reaches new heights after the birth of a baby. Being parents is a full-time job, where you a...

Quick Tips To Add More Space To Your Studio Apartment

Quick tips to add more space to your studio apartment

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Quick Tips To Add More Space To Your Studio ApartmentIt is not difficult to get living space in UAE. People normally like to live in such a space that is either near to their job or somewhere nearby metro stations. However, many among them prefer to live in studio apartments in UAE. So, they often l...

TV console Buying Guide: Things You Must Look For Before Buying a TV Console

Tv console buying guide: things you must look for before buying a tv console

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Buying a TV console table adds more space to your living room and brings more aesthetics into it. However, many might be doing it the wrong way: they might be ignoring the dimensions of the room and TV, or they might not be getting the ideal material for the console. Due to which, people end up...

10 Must-have Men Grooming Products

10 must-have men grooming products

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There were some times in the past when grooming was only specified for women. However, it's been a few years that men have started planning their grooming routine. From skincare to haircare, men look for specific grooming products or grooming kits for HIM or MEN. We know that it is quite a daun...

Two Minutes Smoothies You Must Try

Two minutes smoothies you must try

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When it comes to eating and drinking healthy, the first thing that comes to mind is a smoothie. Whether it’s a hot summer day or a special event at your home, you can always add freshness to yourself and your guests with smoothies. From kids to adults, everyone seems to be fond of it. Due to this, p...

10 Most Unique Home Decor Items That You Must Buy This EID

10 most unique home decor items that you must buy this eid

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Get your hands on these must-buy home decors this EID and leave your guests awestruck. We bet it is not easy to find these unique items at a competitive price. A three-tier golden-colored metal serving plate that is easy to tuck away when not in use. Made of 7 mm thick sturdy metal. Get this ri...

How to Get Your Home Ramadan-Ready

How to get your home ramadan-ready

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With Ramadan 2021 just around the corner, it’s important to adequately prepare so that we’re best able to reap the true rewards of this blessed time. As we reflect inwards and work on improving our good moral habits and virtues—compassion, self-discipline, generosity, patience—the atmosphere we crea...