The best deals on Unique Friday Sale | Jokoka

The best deals on unique friday sale | jokoka

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Black Friday is nearly upon us, and every company worldwide is offering some discount or the other. Everything you see is on a sale because companies want to capture the audience even before the actual day dawns upon us. That strategy works, and if it does, it hasn't broken. We have adopted the same...

Top 10 Toys for Boys From 3 to 10 Years Old | 2020

Top 10 toys for boys from 3 to 10 years old | 2020

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Buying toys for boys can be quite tedious since boys are quite picky when it comes to toys. Every year, there are new baby toys in the market that catch the fancy of boys around the world. You have to choose cool toys for boys that are with the trends and keep your little baby boy busy for hours on ...

10 Best Baby Toys for 0-2 Years Old Newborn / Toddler in Dubai

10 best baby toys for 0-2 years old newborn / toddler in dubai

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When a baby is born, most of the things you buy include baby formulas and diapers. Every baby needs more attention than the parents can give. This is where the playtime of the babies comes in, and it is the precise reason they need baby toys, which are quite crucial for the babies' or newborns’ cogn...

Top 5 Unique Products - Jokoka's Picks for November 2020

Top 5 unique products - jokoka's picks for november 2020

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There are numerous design processes involved when you talk about creating unique products. It must fulfil the target customers need and must be aesthetically pleasing. You have a wide variety of best selling products in the UAE, and it can be quite tricky to make the right choice. This is the precis...

JOKOKA’s Top Picks for November 2020 | 5 Customizable Products You’ll Love

Jokoka’s top picks for november 2020 | 5 customizable products you’ll love

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When a special date is coming up, it is normal to search for customizable products to gift your loved ones.But, here's the dilemma:Choosing the perfect gift is really tough today as there are thousands of online stores in UAE which will leave you confused eventually.Don't worry, we have the solution...

Luxury Bathing Essentials to Enrich Your Bath Time | 2020

Luxury bathing essentials to enrich your bath time | 2020

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When we were all babies, our parents would often put us in a bathtub and let us play around with toys in the water. However, as we started to grow up, we gave up on sitting in the bathtubs and moved to the showers because we are always low on time. You can just turn on the shower and step in it for ...

Best Relaxing Bathing Essentials and Regain Your Balance

Best relaxing bathing essentials and regain your balance

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Did you know?48 percent of people have trouble sleeping because of stress. This is according to a study conducted by the American Institute of Stress. The top causes of stress include the following:MoneyWorkThe economyFamily responsibilitiesRelationshipsPersonal health issuesHousing costsJob stabili...

Baby Bathing Essentials Checklist for Mothers | Best Baby Bathing Products

Baby bathing essentials checklist for mothers | best baby bathing products

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Best Bathing Essentials That Will Let Your Little One Fun in the Water Baths can be quite relaxing, and they can get rid of all the stress of your day. All you need is a bit of time from your routine, some scented candles, and bath salts, and you will feel the tensions melt away into the bubble...

What is missing in your Bathroom? | Best Bath Products 2020 | UAE

What is missing in your bathroom? | best bath products 2020 | uae

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Now that we have your attention let us see what is missing from your bathroom. There is something about going into the bathroom and just sitting there in a foamy bath for hours on end. If you are not one of those people, perhaps that is because you are only missing the right bathroom accessories in ...

Which Is the Best Marketplace to Sell Products Online in Dubai?

Which is the best marketplace to sell products online in dubai?

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The latest in UAE Ecommerce news is that online marketplaces are flourishing in the region. If that doesn't make you wake up and take note of the market and if you're not already planning to sell products online in Dubai...well, you should. While the area is still in the early stages of the eCommerc...