About Jokoka

Salaam! Thank you for visiting your Jokoka.

Jokoka is revolutionising the way people shop online and is empowering locally based home businesses, start-ups, talented entrepreneurs and established businesses with an opportunity to promote their most unique, exclusive, one-of-a-kind, and bestselling products in their own branded online stores through our Jokoka marketplace.

“Our Unbox Uniqueness concept is core to all of our values. We want customers and sellers alike to feel unique at each stage of the experience, whether they are selling or shopping with Jokoka”

  • Want something a little different and unique? Jokoka has it!
  • Want to find the bestsellers from locally based sellers easily? Jokoka does it!
  • Want to receive your product within minutes of ordering? Jokoka is on it!

Our Purpose

Many businesses need to have an online presence to increase their exposure and require operational support with delivery solutions but simply don’t have the time, technical knowledge or funds to achieve this. This is why we developed an intuitive and easy to use platform for seller’s to;

  • Showcase & Tag 10 of their most unique products in a few simple steps within their own branded store.
  • Use our fully automated and reliable network of Express and Scheduled collection and delivery services.
  • Generate online sales from an active and highly marketed B2C marketplace.

Our Mission

Our mission is to continually innovate and evolve our proposition of uniqueness. We want to encourage Sellers to realise their full potential and be inspired to grow their passion and businesses to the next level. In turn, we will have customers sharing in the experience of being able to buy unique and exclusive products and support passionate seller brands from within their local community.

Our Vision

To become the leading eCommerce and Express delivery B2C marketplace for local businesses and communities.

The Company

Jokoka is the concept and product of Founder and CEO Hussain Khokha. His vision from the very beginning was to give sellers of all sizes the opportunity to showcase themselves, their values, their story and above all their most unique and best-selling products in a streamlined and simplified manner. By providing a platform for individuals, home businesses, start-ups, local entrepreneurs and established businesses to have an online shop window to customers, who can discover new and unique brands in their local community. With this, the Jokoka experience was born.

Our dynamic multicultural team is located in Dubai with a strong background in digital solutions and eCommerce experience, we continue to innovate and elevate our proposition in the market to become one of the leading shopping destinations online.

Jokoka is owned in full by registered company Johara Tus Sharaf Portal - license number 869322 - Westburry Commercial Towers, Business Bay, Dubai, UAE