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Gramophone - 8 Corner Shape - Wooden - Arabic Traditional Brass Work Hand Made+ One Disc Free - FPP0391

AED 399.00

Gramophone-8 Corner Shape-Wooden-Arabic Traditional Brass Work Hand Made+ One Disc Free -FPP0391 Rose Wood + Hand Carved Brass Work..


Wireless Portable Speaker With Retro FM Radio Brown

AED 324.00

Product DescriptionThe retro and classic design comes with a finish that makes it a perfect decoration for your place. Stereo sound: high-performance 5W dual audio drivers with powerful passive subwoofer speaker that gives you clear, high-quality, and loud sounds. Large capacity battery: the integrated 1500 mAh battery supports up to 8 hours of pla..


Soul Speaker

AED 20.00

Compatible with any blue tooth device, these round shaped and compact designed speakers will give you the ultimate music experience...

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