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AED 248.75 AED 349.00

Say hello to a new addition to the DJ music system series. The DJ Series has wowed a lot of our customers and we have no doubt that DJ-50 will be another best selling music station. It is the best combination of crystal clear sound quality and stylish design in a portable karaoke deck. ...



AED 378.85 AED 535.00

12' Inches BIG Subwoofer Easily carry this portable, Trolley speaker anywhere, and take full advantage of its rechargeable battery backup and Speaker stand that comes with it. Wireless Professional Priority Mic 12' Inches BIG Sub Woofer Play with Bluetooth Play with SD Card Play with USB Built-in FM Radio Live Recording Re..



AED 165.00 AED 245.00

USB/ SD Port Wired Mic Bluetooth Aux in FM Radio Rechargeable Battery Remote Cotrol Led Display Karaoke Jack Output Power 15W Input Power DC5V...


AD-4500 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 112.85

AC/DC Powered This excellent speaker is dual powered speaker as it supports AC/DC function. Bluetooth Use its Bluetooth feature to play your favorite audio files. USB and SD/MMC Card Play your music audio files directly with USB and SD/MMC Card feature. Remote Control Feature Control speaker output level manually or thro..


AD-7000 plus Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 127.65

2.1 Speaker System Audionic excitedly launches a 2.1 speaker system, AD-7000. The battery powered speaker enables to operate with dual powered AC/DC. You can enjoy the bass and sound clarity on battery as well. Audionic focuses on the main functions; middle-end and low-end 2.1 speaker items to have an ever increasing extent. Bluetooth connectivi..


AK-650 Audionic 10 Channel Speaker

AED 187.50 AED 230.00

AK 650 is a splendid assisting device with various features to help individuals with recitation, reading, learning and understanding of Holy Quran. To read one particular page, just scan the page number through the kalam. On the other hand you can hear any verse from any page by scanning the content of that verse. ...


BT-MAX-330 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 98.50

Max 330 BT is a very good sound system; you can easily connect your device with Bluetooth. You can also connect and play songs through USB port/SD card. With the USB/SD card user can play MP3 files directly and easily. It has also a Remote control option. The wire-less remote, controls the output function of the system...


BT-MAX-350 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 110.00

Do you like to hear refined music for your mental well-being Or do you like to Rock n Roll in your indoor space, now its all easy with Audionic Max 350 BT. According to our research music improves mind functioning as well as physical health. With Max 350 BT user is allow to change stationary position of their mind and run faster with the world th..



AED 288.75

Play Wireless Music Classic 3 masti has Following Features: Bluetooth : Easy to pair with any Bluetooth enabled device such as iphone, ipad or any other Bluetooth Remote Control It offers full function remote control foradjusting/changing output media and levels. USB Supported Just Plug in USB and play MP3 files directly. Wirel..



AED 425.00

Portable Trolley-Speaker It`s all easy with CLASSIC 8-MASTI speaker. This portable trolley-speaker enhances the users entertainment experience at surplus. It lets you enjoy your desired music anywhere anytime at non-stop level. Moreover, It crosses all the sound barriers with quality sound experience. Besides, It is not restricted for your indoo..


Gramophone-8 Corner Shape-Wooden-Arabic Traditional Brass Work Hand Made+ One Disc Free -FPP0391

AED 399.00

Gramophone-8 Corner Shape-Wooden-Arabic Traditional Brass Work Hand Made+ One Disc Free -FPP0391 Rose Wood + Hand Carved Brass Work..


MAX-220 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 78.35

Audionic comes with a new addition to its best max series in 2.1 channel speakers. Maz-220 is highly compact and the size makes it effortless to keep it anywhere in the house. The sound quality is clear with no frequency problem at low or high volume. It is the perfect fit to make your movies highly audible. Max-220 comes with an HD quality sound ..


MAX-250 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 98.85

2.1 Channel Speaker MAX-250 refines music for your mental well-being. This 2.1 channel speaker gives a Rock n Roll in your indoor space. Besides, it bursts out quality features and specifications that results in quality sound output. Display And Controls This 2.1 channel Speaker comes with a colorful display and a Graceful appearance, along ..


MAX-4 SOOPER Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 135.85

2.1 channel models comprises of two satellite speakers to handle higher frequency; however the one sub-woofer is for lower frequency and bass. The sound system also packs a lot of required features such as: bluetooth,USB,Micro SD input. 3.5mm jack gives you an option to connect with any device like your mobile phone, computer, laptop or TV, which m..


MEGA-45 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 165.85

Audionic has come up with an advanced version of Mega series by the name of Mega M-45. It has a slim and sleek design to it and will certainly impress you with its strong woofer speakers. The new design does not consume a lot of space and can be easily accommodated according to your needs. The Audionic Mega series is the perfect choice when you ..



AED 658.85

Enjoy clear high quality audio with a powerful bass in a compact trolley design with Audionic Mehfil MH-1515. This extra base speaker sets its marks high on the user experience. it prouduces high quality sound output and creates user satisfaction in all terms. Usability Audionic MH-1515 is a portable speaker with a Mic option. It enables audien..


PACE 8 Audionic 5.1 Speaker

AED 345.35

The 5.1 channel speaker has a hi-density sub-woofer, capable of providing a high class bass output. With five 3″ satellites and an 8″ subwoofer, Pace 8 has an extremely impressive enhanced audio projection. It is supported with USB port, AUX input, TF card, built-in FM Radio and wireless remote control. The combination of these features makes aston..



AED 306.65

Quad Bar 5 has the most intrinsic sound quality and Audionic is pleased to provide our music lovers with the most audible speaker. Quad Bar 5 has exquisite features to allow it to be converted into 2.1, 3.1 or 4.1 channels or even simple sub-woofers. It also contains sound bar at the same time. Quad Bar 5 has immense capabilities to produce high q..


RB-120 Audionic Home Theater Speaker

AED 438.85

Audionic Reborn RB-120 has a High-Density sub-woofer. It has a 8 big sun-woofer with deep bass sound. The sub-woofer is of 8 inches and there are two satellites of 3 inches. It directly plug the SD card in the sub-woofer and enjoy songs and movies. ...


RB-95 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 432.15

Users can experience a great sound experience by using Audionic Reborn-95, all they can hear every detail of audio in your movies and music. So user can say Goodbye to old big speakers. Hello to RB-95. Say hello to future sound. . Its stylish design with color finishing look allow user to experience music with style. Due to its quality features ..


REX-33 Audionic Rechageable Speaker

AED 127.85

Rex 33 gives impeccable audio experience with crystal clear quality. Specifically engineered with advance volume potential, the audiophiles can enjoy music to the fullest whether indoors or outdoors. The 6.5″ speaker allows you to use high quality wired mic to experience your karaoke dreams. The speaker boasts Bluetooth technology allows you to con..


REX-35 Audionic Portable Speaker

AED 135.85

Audionic Rex 33 is a dual purpose 8″ Bluetooth speaker. The 1.0 portable speaker produces high fidelity audio with extra bass and advance volume potential. Its audio capability and capacity exceeds almost all the speakers in its price range...



AED 680.75

Multi-Functional Royal-10 is a comprehensive addition to Audionic trolley speakers. It has dual-purpose functionality with an ability to give you a loud and clear sound through its especially designed powerful speakers along with a Bluetooth connectivity feature that will help you enjoy unlimited songs. Royal-10 is perfect for both indoor and o..


SOLO X-9 Audionic Portable Speaker

AED 53.85 AED 110.00

Solo X-9 is a stylish stereo speaker that will make your entertainment not just limited to home. The solo X-9 portable speaker have high bass of just the right frequency that will give you a sound system of a large speaker. Its attractive looking body has a stand alone weight of 530g and a size of 188x82x80mm. Along with that, the sophisticated des..


Soul Speaker

AED 20.00

Compatible with any blue tooth device, these round shaped and compact designed speakers will give you the ultimate music experience...


SUGAR-20 Audionic Portable Speaker

AED 78.85

SUGAR-20 has so many features that has karaoke port and also it has aux input as well so you connect and enjoy songs while through aux and also you can enjoy songs through USB supported. Moreover, in this speaker it has T/F card supported. With all these amazing features to enjoy sugar 20 has built-in FM and you can also enjoy songs through Blueto..


SUGAR-7 Audionic Rechageable Speaker

AED 32.65

Sugar 7 give you the quality sound experience and make your music worth listening. Sugar 7 is light weighted speakers that make it easy to carry anywhere. ...


SUNDUS Portable Touch Lamp Quran Speaker White

AED 85.00 AED 129.00

Features complete Quran with the great reciters voicesFull translation of the Holy Quran for non Arabic speakersRemote control and the possibility of choosing the Sura quickly and smoothlyComes with the interpretation of the full Holy QuranReciting verses of the Quran to memorize Quran for young people..


TW-11 Audionic Rechageable Speaker

AED 185.00

Portable speaker that comes with a free rechargeable headgear mic Bluetooth function ensures hassle-free connectivity Features a stand in order to enhance the sound reach of the speaker The rechargeable battery offers a long backup for you to use it for long hours Highly durable plastic outer body ensures minimum chance of damage...


TWINBAR-3 Audionic Speaker 2.1

AED 198.88

Now enjoy deep bass speaker with amazing sound quality in the all new Twin Bar 3. If you’re looking for a large woofer speaker to enjoy your music with high bass backup, this is your go to product. The 2.1 channel woofer speaker possesses the Blue Tune Bluetooth technology. It enables you to connect to compatible devices and stream songs from yo..


U-10 Audionic Portable Speaker

AED 29.35

Audionic I-3 is a mobile speakers, suitable for using with a desktop/laptop. It holds a drive unit of 2.5″, 4ohm impedance, in contrast to a 5v power. Beautiful Design & Classy Black Color it stands out and gives you high quality sound and gives your laptop a very elegant design. I-3 is created with premium quality that has an awesome design a..


U-15 Audionic Portable Speaker

AED 36.85

Octane U-15 is especially engineered speakers for computer use only. You don’t have a roomy space for your computer speakers? No worries! Its 2″ compact size allows you to place it anywhere on the sides of laptop/ desktop without compromising on the audio quality. It also possesses USB input and power bass to enhance your experience. ...


U-20 Audionic Portable Speaker

AED 32.35

Octane U-20 is a 2″ 2.0 channel speaker will fit in any space you place it in; at your home or your office on the sides of your computer/laptop. It also powered by a single USB port and power bass...


U-25 Audionic Portable Speaker

AED 32.35

Octane U-25 is the best speakers for your laptop. Its small physical size let user to place it anywhere on the sides of the laptop. It also possesses POWER BASS, USB INPUT, and portable inch Drive Unit to enhance user sound experience...


Wireless Portable Speaker With Retro FM Radio Brown

AED 300.00 AED 380.00

HighlightsThe retro and classic design comes with a finish that makes it a perfect decoration for your placeStereo sound: high-performance 5W dual audio drivers with powerful passive subwoofer speaker that gives you clear, high-quality and loud soundsLarge capacity battery: the integrated 1500 mAh battery supports up to 8 hours of playback, ideal f..

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